Thursday, June 9, 2011

Using Eclipse as your R IDE

There's a bunch of possible IDE which are R specific, amongst which to name a few:
  • RKWard
  • R Studio (my personal favorite)
  • Rattle
  • ...
There's a very long list each with their own pros and cons, which I  don't intend to discuss in this post.

What i do want to discuss is the usage of Eclipse as a R IDE. Why use it compared to other. Well being a developer during the day, I rather like the idea of using the same tool at night so to speak. Another added bonus on top of syntax completion, object inspection, is the integration with an which ever SCM you like to use. For me that's the icing on the cake. Time being of the essence I don't want to look anything and relying on a SCM is a perfect way to do that.

Now enough talk. In order to have that integration working you need a couple of things:
  • StatET: that's the eclipse plugin (see here)
  • rj : that's the "other side of StatET (see here)
  • rJava: that's a java binder with R (see here)

Then follow the excellent step by step guide here on how to setup Eclipse itself in order to work with R.