Monday, March 19, 2012

Control fan speed under windows 7 installed with bootcamp on mac

This week end temperature suddenly came back to 30s (Celcius) which mean winter seems to be over here (HK). Although this is fantastic new as the weather was gorgeous, my trusty mac wasn't so happy. I put him under very heavy load, and cooling didn't seem to work so great.

So i went trying to manually crank up the fan speed. I tried SpeedFan which is a very good tool, but unfortunately doesn't seem to be able to control fan speed on my Mac running windows 7 (from what I've read in various places  this is "normal").

Still I've found a work around, simple increase the default running speed of the fans. It doesn't make my box more noisy, but that's fine for me. Do do that you need to change the default running speed of the fan under MacOs and it'll carry over to Windows7.

I did that using a tool named "Fan Control". Install it, raise the speed to max and all the thresholds to the minimum.