Thursday, August 28, 2008

Installing lite version of nero in 5 minutes...

Latetly I had to reinstall Nero on a new computer. I didn't had to do that for a long time. I know things change quickly in IT world, but not that quickly and Nero is still the best software around to burn CD.

But what has change is the size and pain to install Nero. It's so bloated now that it takes more than 800Mb to get a version of Nero, which is needless to say completely overkill to me. I just needed to burn a CD to back up photos from my holidays.

After rumbling around a little bit on the web, i found a very nice effort by a person who's website is here. You will find there two different installations that weight less than 30Mb (which is a piece of cake to download), one for the latest 7.x and the other one for 8.x. Both of them are suitable for Vista which is a plus (because earlier version of 7.x version of Nero did not work under Vista).

I suppose for sake of saving traffic on his website the files are hosted on a third party site called For those who wonder where to click to download the file, you have to click on the "Request download ticket" button roughly in the middle of the page.

For those who wonder, this installation doesn't wave any legal license requirement, it just makes the installation quicker and easier. You still have to purchase a valid license if you don't already have one.